Here you can find some models that I often. Other flutes in any tonality can be made by order, as well as special models.

Remember that a whistle (not just those of my making) should be kept ‘clean as a whistle’, see my maintenance tips.

Tin whistles in D, C, Bb

These whistles are made in high-quality aluminium alloys, brass tuning slide and acetal resin block. A special model with a carbon fiber body is also available: its sound is very similar, but the instrument is lighter, offers a wood-like touch for the fingers, and reaches playing temperature a bit quicker.

Low whistle in D, F

These instruments are made in 3 parts in aluminium, with a brass tuning slide and an acetal polymer block. The body has an intermediate brass tenon allowing if necessary to offset the bottom holes for easier fingering.

Transverse flutes

Only prototypes at this stage. These metal flutes are meant to offer someday a sturdy entry-level model, with an cylindrical aluminum body and a specially designed head that avoids the usual tuning issues of cheap cylindrical flutes.